10 October 2015, Ankara, Turkey – bomb at peace rally kills an estimated 86, wounds 186

Oct Sat, 2015

Kurds and their supporters were at a 14,000-person rally (est) in Ankara, peacefully calling for an end to violence between Kurds and the government when a bomb (or two) exploded, killing 86 and wounding 186, reports USA Today. The attack happened at 1:00 pm, according to Reuters.

The explosion (or explosions) appears to have happened in the capital’s Sihhiye Square, near the Ankara train station were scores of rally attendees were coming from.

Parties associated with the rally included, but were not limited to, the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), and the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), reports The Telegraph.

The Telegraph has video of the bombing here (warning: graphic).

No group has yet claimed responsibility. There is speculation that it could have been ISIS, it could have been any other faction against the Kurds – including the government – or some other group. This story is a fast evolving one.

The speculation regarding possible government involvement is based on the fact that the ruling administration became more Islamist in 2015 and less tolerant of political dissent, other religions, and other ethnicities. The protesters were seen by some as anti-government and leftist.

At the same time, the Kurds are a prime target of ISIS.

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