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Muir Analytics

Assessing Threats From Insurgent And Terror Groups Against Corporations

What we do

Muir Analytics provides threat intelligence that helps corporations reduce exposure to severe financial loss from political violence, terrorism, insurgency, and like conflicts.

Muir’s intelligence, based on lengthy pattern analyses, describes the exact type of violence and hostile ideology occurring in a high-risk area. We can describe where a conflict has been, where it is now, and where it might be going.

Armed with this, your corporation can:

  • intelligently upgrade security procedures.
  • improve crisis management plans.
  • calibrate political risk, war and terrorism insurance, and reinsurance.
  • perform duty of care for employees.
  • facilitate duty to inform for investors.
  • mitigate liability exposure.

The companies we support are in the industrial, retail, wholesale, and corporate services sectors.

Identifying and understanding threats in the current global environment requires precision and excellence. That’s what Muir Analytics provides.

Muir Analytics. We make information matter.